Sunday, April 1, 2012

5 Lesson Learned in this Economy

The reality of this economy right now is that it is tough to find a job. I really didn't understand the situation personally until I attempted to find a new job last month. I couldn't find one. I wasn't getting interviews and I wasn't even able to get in contact with anyone from the companies that I was interested in. I got scared. I started to count my blessings and started to appreciate and love my current job even more. I realized that I had taken my current job and wages for granted. I was so incredibly LUCKY that I had employment the entire time I was digging myself out of debt. I think it took a terrible job market and having a baby to make me appreciate all of my blessings and learn some life long lessons in the process.

1. There is no good or bad debt in my opinion. There is just DEBT. If you don't have a job or can't find another job no amount of debt is good debt, it is just debt and it needs to be paid off.

2. Don't take your job for granted EVER! Even if your job totally sucks it is still a job and you are still getting paid some amount of money for the work you are doing. It is better to get some money than have nothing coming in.

3. Have an EMERGENCY fund. I depleted my emergency fund so quickly and dipped into savings while I was on my maternity leave.

4. Life is precious and not all about money. Money is just money and your life experiences are so much more important than money. Money can be lost and gained very quickly and doesn't need to rule a person's life.

5. Make conscience decisions. I am going to always ask myself more questions before I make choices that impact my money and family.

I have a baby now and I have more responsibility. I have been blessed with so much in my life and this blog is my way of giving back.

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