Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Baby and Finances

I had my baby! I thank God everyday for this blessing. Life is truly a miracle.

I am currently on maternity leave and paying extra close attention to my finances. I am on a restricted budget because I am getting 50% of my pay while on maternity leave. Actually, it has been nice learning to live on less. I think this experience will change my financial life forever. I have realized that I don't "need" that much to live. I have replaced my weekly Starbucks with diapers instead. Diapers are a necessity and Starbucks is not. Therefore, I haven't noticed a huge increase child related spending.


I have also started to create a 30 day wish/waiting list journal. This wish list is meant to delay my gratification. If I still want something on the list after 30 days I will purchase it if it is within my budget. For instance, I was looking at shirts at Banana Republic and I just loved a particular shirt. So, I added this shirt to my wish list. After 30 days and rewarding myself for keeping an area of my house clean for an entire month I purchased the shirt. I love the shirt even more now because I waited for it and paid cash for it.

Best wishes,

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