Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coupons equal cash

I am treating my coupon learning the same way I treated getting out of debt.

1. I recognized I had an issue
2. Took inventory of my weaknesses
3. Got organized
4. Educated myself about the topic in 2004 that was debt and money in 2011 it is saving money with coupons

This quote is sticking with me:

More money isn't the answer. Saving money is. Getting more for less is a matter of changing how you think.

My Coupons notes follow to help you learn along with me...

1. Treat coupons like cash

2. Look in stores for peelies, tear offs, in store coupon books down the aisles

3. Set aside several hours a week to collect coupons, scan circulars, and hit the stores

Make a point of becoming aware of the promotional materials around you and start your own savings stash

You need to make a plan

Set s goal- save 20% this month off your grocery bill and 30% the next month and so on,,,

Filing your coupons system-
Make folders for Sundays for example the labels would look like this:
3/14 RP
3/14 SS
3/14 PG

Search coupon databases for existing coupons you have filed away

Devote 5 hours each week on coupons and shopping

Try paying for purchases in cash

Pick your stores that you will shop at weekly- CVS, Safeway, Target

Store to make money at Rite Aid (need to get up reward card)

More money isn't the answer. Saving money is. Getting more for less is a matter of changing how you think.


Oral care
$ toothpaste
$ dental floss
$ toothbrushes (adult/kids)
$ oral teething soothing cream (baby)
$ before brushing rinse

Best wishes,JanieP.S. You have come to the right place if you are looking for information about getting out of credit card debt, paying off credit card debt, money tips, or for a friendly place if you are struggling with getting out of debt.

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