Sunday, February 13, 2011

Financial Journal

The rules of money are probably Ben Franklin-type rules, such as never squander it, don't be a spendthrift, be very careful, you have to account for what you're doing, you must keep track of it, and you can never ignore what happens to money.

- Michael Phillips, The Seven Laws of Money

So, for IVF last week I went to a nutritionist to discover some of my bad eating habits that I have to change for pregnancy. She had me keep a journal of the time I eat, what I eat at that time, and how I am feeling just before eating. This journal was illuminating for me. I tend to eat really bad around 3 pm each day because I am either tired or stressed from work. She asked me to eat my veggies and fruit servings for the day in either breakfast or lunch because after 3 pm begins my poor food choices.

After doing this activity for the nutritionist, I was thinking that I should also do this for my financial life. I will keep track of where my money is going and avoid impulse spending (especially around 3 pm at the vending machine or work cafe on bad food choices) for the next two weeks. At the end of the two week period, I will review my financial journal and see where I have been impulsive with my spending.

Do you want to join me with the financial journal activity?

Best wishes,


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