Saturday, February 12, 2011

Earnings Timeline


I am going to expand on my Financial Timeline series here. This post will be about my Earnings Timeline and Net Worth to date.

So, I got my Social Security Statement in the mail this week and I always check it against my earnings for the year to check for accuracy. I believe that everyone should do this as part of getting your financial house in order.

Look at the three columns on your statement when you are checking for accuracy-

1. Years You Worked 2. Your Taxed Social Security Earnings 3. Your Taxed Medicare Earnings

Here are my taxable earnings since 1995 (I rounded numbers for privacy reasons):

1995 - $1,500

1996- $3,000

1997 - $2,000

1998 - $2,000

1999 - $700

2000 - $2,000

2001 - $200

2002 - $400

2003 - $10,000

2004 - $35,000

2005 - $45,000

2006 - $54,000

2007 - $64,000

2008 - $81,000

2009 - $86,000

Over a 15-year period I earned $386,800 of taxable income. But once taxes are taken out I probably brought home $193,400 during that same 15- year period.

I calculated my January net worth to be $90,579.44. Therefore, from my earnings I "spent" $100,000 dollars during that 15-year period. Honestly, I don't know where that $100,000 dollars went. I know $26,000 plus interest payments went to the credit card companies. I had a wedding, went on a honeymoon, purchased a car during that time period too. This was an eye-opening experience for me. It has made me want to pay more attention to my spending especially what is coming in and going out (cash flow).

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I do have a word of caution about this post. I live in an expense place in this country so please don't compare your earnings to mine. I do have a college education and I am a tough negotiator which has increased my earnings. If you are interested in my negotiating skills please leave a message below. I will be happy to devote a blog post to negotiating skills in a job and in life.

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