Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Impulse Control

I have determined that I really have a problem with impulses. I don't know how to control my impulses. I think one of the biggest reasons I was in all of that debt was due to a lack of impulse control. I was never taught to control my impulses. No one ever said "NO" to me when I was a little child. If they did I would challenge them and get my way. This has really hurt me as an adult. We all know that we can't always get our way. Life is unfair.

If you are impulsive then you sabotage your life plans. You can't even make life plans. I am no longer impulsive with my money but I am still impulsive. I am impulsive with my time and life. I want to work on this. I want to blog at the same time each day. I want to be a better person. I know that so many of you depend on me for guidance, love, and support and I want to give this on a more regular basis. I am trying and I would love to say that I can fix my impulsiveness.

So, my question for you today is: Do you struggle with impulse control issues with money, food, time, etc. in your life?

Best wishes,


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  1. Hey there! What a great question to ponder.

    I've cut my impulse buying by saying to myself that I will think about it. If I still want it in a day or 2, I will come back for it. That hasn't always worked to my advantage because I shop resale. I missed out on some great lamps last week because I wanted to wait for the yellow tag sale. 4 days later = lamps gone :(

    With food, it's a bit easier. I normally say to myself that I will eat half of what I'm craving. I don't deny my craving because I know I have the propensity to binge on bad stuff. But there are days (like yesterday) when I eat the entire slice of pie. I make up for it by working out 5 days, instead of 4 days.

    So, sometimes bargaining works.


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