Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do you hide behind your possessions?

Do your possessions define your self-esteem?

I think this is an important question everyone should ask themselves. I know at different points in my life my possessions have defined me. For example, the place I decided to live after college and the brands I decided to buy while I was in debt. I was acting RICH. I was acting as if I had money. I actually believe that the majority of people do act like they are rich. Or at least they are acting or role playing in some way. I know I am afraid to show my true self sometimes. It is a fear of being judged. I hide behind my possessions so that no one can judge me.

I found a very interesting quote that I thought I would share with you: "The pseudo affluent are insecure about how they rank among the Joneses and the Smiths. Often their self-esteem rests on quicksand. In their minds, it is closely tied to how long they can continue to purchase the trappings of wealth. They strongly believe all economically successful people display their success through prestige products. The flip side of this has them believing that people who do not own prestige brands are not successful."

I think this is an important point to make. I should never judge a "book by its cover" because I don't know another person's wealth.

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