Saturday, February 27, 2010

Money = Happiness

Money equals happiness for me. I have always known this but it became obvious this past week.

I will give some background information so you understand the context. While growing up I was around, friends with, and living near many wealthy (millionaires- or they looked like that from the outside) and it shaped my views about money. My family on the other hand lived in the nice neighborhood but I think my parents were either frugal or just getting by living in that neighborhood. They wanted to send me to the best schools in our area so that is why we lived there.

However, I always watched and heard my parents fight about money and have money issues. Whenever, I went over to my rich friends house there were no fights about anything and they always seemed happy. The mothers were involved and interested in their children. They were organized and had priorities and rules. My house on the other hand was chaotic with no rules and no structure. This chaos created a lot of unhappiness for me while growing up.

Therefore, I always equated money with happiness. I believe that society teaches this to us as well.

I want to know what makes me happy. What makes me truly happy?

To be continued...

Best wishes,


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  1. I feel like Money=Happiness for me too. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why, mainly because there are MANY reasons. The honesty though, that's the best part about you. Most people would be afraid to say that.


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