Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Money and Me

This post is a continuation about my thoughts regarding money and me.

I feel an urge or a sense of entitlement with regards to buying things for myself now. I feel that I deserve things. I tell myself in my head that I should be allowed to treat myself because I got out of debt, I have a job, I work hard, I have made sacrifices like delaying having children, etc. So, I deserve to treat myself.

I am a mood driven consumer. Actually, I am a mood driven everything. If I don't feel like doing something I don't do it. This happens with chores around the house and also eating. I guess I am just moody (but I am a sweet moody person). This is an important note to make here. No one on the outside sees this struggle or moodiness because this is all internal. Therefore, if you knew me in real life you wouldn't know that I was feeling this way or moody at all because I don't show it to friends and family.

Actually, I have an internal struggle with myself daily to be disciplined, to stay within budget, etc. But I know the alternative is much worse. For instance, if I didn't stay within my budget I would be in debt again.

I don't like budgeting and I don't like feeling deprived. However, that is part of life. I can't have everything and I can't control life. This is where my faith comes in and takes over. As you can see, that even though I am out of debt and my finances are on track I still struggle with my feelings about money.

It is very interconnected.

To be continued...

I hope this is helping you. Let me know if you have similar struggles and what you do.

Best wishes,


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