Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do you look at your Social Security statement?

This post is for all ages.

I just got my annual social security statement in the mail the other day. This statement summarizes how much money I have paid in Social Security and Medicare over my lifetime of working. It also gives an estimate of how much social security I would receive if I work until I am 67.

It is important to check to make sure that the social security administration is accurately recording your earned income. You want to make sure the numbers are correct so that you get paid the correct amount of benefits when you are in retirement. The numbers they have on file are the numbers they use to calculate your benefits.

I make this a yearly check. When I get the statement in the mail I look at it check to make sure everything is accurate and then file it away.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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  1. I found an error on my Social Security Statement a couple of years ago. Many of my co-worker's statements were incorrect as well; my company's new payroll service had not reported our wages correctly. Since I was the only one who noticed it (even my boss admitted to not looking at his statement), I was led to believe the most people don't review their statements. Thanks for reminding everyone. I blogged about my experience here:


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