Friday, January 15, 2010

My Thoughts

#2 My Thoughts

The most noticeable difference between being in debt vs. being debt free are my thought patterns. I enjoy the little things in life now. I am proud of myself. I feel accomplished. I can enjoy life. I feel free. This keeps me going and it keeps me wanting to write for my blog. To give you hope and awareness about your own thoughts towards money and life.

While in debt I was obsessed with anything that had to do with money. I had such a money focus. I checked my bank account and credit card accounts almost every hour. I was hoping and wishing that magically money would appear in there. But it never did. I had low self esteem. I was distracted. I could never be fully present because I was always preoccupied with my money problems. I was a liar to myself and my friends. I was always trying to protect my image.

Being in debt and getting out of debt was a very humbling experience for me. I now look at the world differently. I believe in myself. I know that I can do anything. I know that getting out of debt is a process. It is a life long commitment much like eating healthy and keeping your weight at a healthy level.

I want to give you hope. I believe in you. You are on your way to financial freedom. I know it.

Best wishes,


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