Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I will call this series the 10 distinctions between my mindset and habits while in debt vs. debt free.

Part of getting out of debt for me was changing my mindset.

1. My Purse. I talked about this before in a previous post. However, while I was in debt my purse looked as if a bomb went off in it on a daily basis. Now, my purse is clean and organized. I now use a wallet that is solid and doesn't expand. So each day I have to clean it out and organize it so it will close.

I would say take a hard look at your purse or wallet. What does it say about you? If you were a stranger off the street looking at your wallet for the first time what would this stranger think? I find it easier to step outside of myself and pretend I am stranger that knows nothing about myself and see how they would perceive something that I am doing. This has been a useful decision making and analyzing technique for me.

Let me know what your purse or wallet says about you.

Next up are my be continued...

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