Sunday, January 31, 2010

#7 Time Waster

While I was in debt I wasted so much time. Unfortunately, I can't ever get that time back. I started to keep a time diary to figure out where all of my time was going. It was going to socializing.

One big distinction between the middle class and wealthy is the amount of time they spending socializing and talking behind peoples backs or thinking about others. The rich are thinking about their next business venture. The middle class are thinking about others and focusing on what others are doing. The middle class focus on the entertainment that the rich are creating in their minds (movies, video games, restaurants, shopping, clothing, etc.). The middle class want to fill their time being entertained.

Just something to examine. Where does all of your time go?

I think it is important to have balance between the entertainment, reading, thinking, and planning for your future. You need to have some entertainment for pure pleasure in this life.

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