Sunday, January 24, 2010

#5 Sucker to Marketing

#5 Sucker to Marketing

When I was in debt I would get sucked into all of the marketing?! Does this happen to you? If a product was new or had new packaging I would have to try it. I couldn't stop myself. The novelty of the product had me "sold" and I would just put it on my credit card. I would purchase everything at the end of check out counters. It was like I needed to try out these new products. I was a marketers dream. I got sucked right into buying these products that companies spent millions on research and advertising for people just like me.

Now, I don't get sucked into buying just anything because it is "new" or "cool" instead I buy it if it lines up with my values. My desires and wants that I have spent years trying to figure out.

If you want to test this out yourself. Look at the check out areas at the stores your frequent. You will see a lot of little items near the check out area that you will pick up while you are waiting in line. The marketers are hoping you will buy these items.

I would recommend bringing something to read with you or picking up a magazine to look at while you are waiting in line. This way you will not be tempted to look at everything and potentially buy more stuff while waiting in line.

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