Thursday, January 21, 2010

#4 People Pleaser

I was a people pleaser while I was in debt. I wanted to impress others. I compared myself to others all of the time. I was always trying to keep up with others. I never felt good enough with in myself. I always wanted more!

How did I break this? I just realized that there will always be someone who is more wealthy than I and someone who has less than myself. This will continue to change depending on what phase of life I was in. What is important to me socially in my 20s will not be as important in my 40s?!

I was told by a wealthy friend to ask people 10 years older what is their biggest regret or what they would have done differently. Everyone one that I talked to in their 40s wished they had saved more for retirement.

Go try it out and let me know what you find out. It is most important to please yourself. You are the one who has to look at yourself in the mirror each day and also deal with the consequences of your actions. Not the person that you are trying to please or comparing yourself to.

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