Thursday, November 5, 2009

57 Days Left in 2009- Getting Out of Debt Challenge

57 Days Left in 2009

Activity #57

This activity will take you about 30 minutes to complete.

Yesterday I asked you if you feared poverty. Why did I ask such a question? Well, I was reading a section in book about poverty and this is what it said,

"In tens of thousands of homes, the general topic of conversation is poverty and want, and that is just what they are getting. They think of poverty, they talk of poverty, they accept poverty as their lot in life. They reason that because their ancestors had all been poor, they too must remain poor. The poverty consciousness is the result of the habit of thinking of and fearing poverty." - Napoleon Hill

So, today focus on the positive and the accumulation of wealth. I have seen my life change by focusing on the positive. I am a very negative thinker and at times it takes my whole body and soul to make me think positive. I tell myself that everything in life is horrible and I suck and I am poor. But really everything in my life isn't horrible it is just my mind playing tricks on me.

Do you have the same negative self defeating thoughts? I am going to think happy and wealth accumulation thoughts today.

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