Friday, November 13, 2009

49 Days Left in 2009- Getting Out of Debt Challenge

49 Days Left in 2009

Activity #49

This activity will take you about 30 minutes to complete.

Do you believe that strength is built from struggle? Do you think because you are financially struggling right now that you will be stronger for it in the years to come? Do you think this debt experience will make you stronger or make you bitter?

These are important questions to ask yourself. Recently, I came across two quotes that I thought would be perfect with our questions today.

1. "Life, from birth to death, is literally an unbroken chain of ever-increasing, unavoidable struggle. The education we receive from the struggles we face is cumulative- we get it little at a time from every experience we encounter."

2. "The strongest trees in the forest aren't those most protected; they are those that must struggle against the elements and other trees- and surmount them- to survive."

I think this is great food for thought. Especially, since I personally have been struggling for weeks. I need to read these quotes often.

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