Sunday, November 22, 2009

40 Days Left in 2009- Getting Out of Debt Challenge

40 Days Left in 2009

Activity #40

This activity will take you about 30 minutes to complete.

Is there something on your mind that is bothering you right now? You can't seem to stop thinking about it. It keeps you up at night. You are distracted by those thoughts and you can't seem to function really well in your daily life.

This is what I do to clear my mind.

First, I write what is bothering me down on a sheet of paper.

Second, if this was the only thing in your life that you had to figure out what would you do next. What are your next steps? (Only focus on this one problem at the moment if you have a lot of things that are bothering you.)

Third, write the next steps down on that same sheet of paper.

This activity always gets it out of my head and on paper. This way I am not thinking about it anymore. I am not as distracted because I have a plan of action and I know what needs to be done next.

This could be something that I need to learn, do, read, etc.

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