Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A journal entry that I wrote while I was in debt...


I was a big dreamer while I was in debt (even when I was doubting myself and my abilities). This is the key part of my getting out of debt journey, staying on track, and staying disciplined even when I didn't think I could do it any longer.

I am an even bigger dreamer now because I know that thoughts become things and dreams do come true. This is why it is important to guard your mind from those negative thoughts, influences, people, etc. Here is my journal post from December 29, 2007 (this is another good reason for keeping a journal because you get to look back and see how far you have come).

Now to my journal entry:

On Saturday, December 29, 2007 I was walking downtown in Georgetown when I decided that I needed to withdrawal some money from the ATM. The first ATM didn't work but I did find a receipt that I have glued to the right (this is my actual journal sorry I don't have a scanner) of the page. I looked at the receipt and the account balance was $19, 706. 45 and I instantly decided that I wanted to make that a goal. So, I took the receipt and will keep it forever. I felt a big rush when I saw that this person had a balance of $19,706.45. It just seemed like such a dream to me because I usually have like $50 to $100 in my account at one time. Obviously, the $19, 706.45 is much different. Maybe to this person with a balance of $19, 706.45 it isn't much (I was in a wealthy part of town when I found this), who knows but I was inspired and I will continue to keep this amount as a goal for myself.

Fast forward almost 2 years and guess what! My bank account balance is $18, 450. I plan on posting the exact amount when I reach it here on this blog. I am telling you this story because I want to reinforce that dreams do come true and to give you hope.

I am not bragging or trying to say look at me while you are struggling at this moment. I am letting you know that no matter what your circumstances are right now or how bad it appears to be keep your hope and dreams alive. I would never have believed two years ago that I would be writing this blog post now.

Also, I got a lot of feedback about my post from yesterday. I plan to continue to talk about my struggles and how I am dealing with them.

I am currently putting together a post about holiday gift ideas for those in debt and on a budget this year. I will post this next week or the following week. This way you will have time to plan and make the ideas on the list if you would like.

Best wishes,


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  1. Amazing story, so inspiring! Thanks for sharing.


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