Friday, October 2, 2009

91 Days In the 2009- Getting Out of Debt Challenge

91 Days Left in 2009

Activity #91

This activity will take you about 30 minutes to complete.

From yesterday's list of good habits make note of the habits that support your getting out of debt goal.

For Example:

During my 1 hour commute time I am listening to my podcasts about finance. So, I am trying to utilize that boring/annoying time spent sitting in traffic to better myself and my finances.

What are your habits that support your getting out of debt goal?

Best wishes,


P.S. I am also doing a few last 100 day challenges that I put together for myself. I am a few days behind on my own personal challenges. So, don't feel bad if you are behind. I am going to use the weekend to catch up because this week has been busy for me. You can do the same thing if you need to.

I just don't want anyone to feel behind or overwhelmed by all these little daily tasks.

1 comment:

  1. Janie, your advice to the readers is not something that's overwhelming, but it is needed, and it does have to be repeated, because Americans are overworked, harried, and busy-busy-busy.

    Thanks for helping so many people.

    John DeFlumeri Jr.


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