Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting Out of Debt Rule #2

Rule #2: You gotta stop going to malls or shopping online for fun and recreation!

These places are too tempting and usually wreck budgets. Try to think of something else to do rather than shop for fun.

Note: This image is Level 1 of Tyson's Corner Mall in Mclean, Virginia. I got this picture from the Tyson's Corner website.

In a previous post, I made a list of a number of things that are inexpensive to do and they don't involve shopping. Check it out here:

Getting Out of Debt Rule #1

I am participating with my getting out of debt rules in Works For Me Wednesday over at We Are That Family. I hope you enjoy!

Best wishes,



  1. so true. and stay away from thrift shops, consignment stores & garage sales. I spent the last 6 months blowing serious amounts of money at thrift stores. My shocking realization hit me when I came home with 4 huge bags, spending about $100+. Insane!

    Now, I do spend $30 a month on my gym membership. I'd rather workout than spend money - it's a better high!

  2. I agree that working out is much better. It keeps your heart healthy too. Good for you for staying away from shops and working out instead. Thanks for leaving a comment today. I really appreciate hearing from you.


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