Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Inexpensive Wedding Flowers...

Today, I am participating in "Show us your life" over at Kelly's Korner blog. The topic is show us your wedding flowers and bridal party.

I love simple flower arrangements so my bouquet, pictured below, was just roses.
To do this inexpensively, I got my roses from our local grocery store- Safeway at a price of $12.99 for a dozen roses. Luckily, I had a friend offer to arrange my flowers for me because she works in a flower shop. This was another way that I cut costs on my wedding day. The red roses were just beautiful!

A kind blog follower, Kathleen, left a comment about getting inexpensive flowers from Sams club. Here is what she had to say:

"Get your flowers at Sams! They have an online fresh flower service and they will ship directly to your home via Fed EX. My florist wanted to charge me $4 per stem for roses, and I ended up ordering from Sam's and they were 75 cents per stem. They have beautiful roses, and the other basic flowers, and they come in pretty basic colors, but they are so inexpensive it's crazy. If you don't mind putting together your own bouquets and centerpieces, they are a great way to go. We spent $300 and literally had flowers EVERYWHERE on our wedding day. It looked like we had spent $3000. That's my biggest money saving wedding tip!"

Thank you Kathleen for that great tip!

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Did you charge your wedding expenses on your credit card? Were you in debt after your wedding? Leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

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P.S. I recommend the book The Conscious Bride for all brides to be. A friend gave it to me as a wedding shower gift and it was the best book. I loved it. Her writing style calmed me down during all the wedding planning and preparation. It is a must read for all brides to be.


  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a wedding on a budget. :) As one of 7 children (5 of which are girls and two of us got married within months of each other), my wedding didn't have an "Open account". Though my dad kept telling my not to worry about it, my frugal nature won out.

    It looks like your wedding was gorgeous. What color did you choose for your wedding party?

  2. Ashley,

    Thank you very much for your comment. Oh my, 5 girls and 5 weddings that could be expensive. That is very thoughtful that your frugal nature won out. My bridesmaids' dresses were dark red. It looked beautiful with the red roses!

  3. We had credit card debt after being married. The total: $12,300.

  4. $2500 in credit card debt after wedding

  5. Luckily, we did not go into debt with our wedding, but it was quite expensive- 240 guests! We had a lot of help from our families and our savings, and I did a LOT of DIY! Your flowers were gorgeous, a classic red rose will stand the test of time and you'll never look back and say, "What was I THINKING??" Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, what a great idea for the flowers!! I'm definitely going to check in on here more often for tips to help us get out of debt! Thanks for sharing!


  7. I love the red roses. What a deal!

  8. I absolutely love your wedding dress! Good for you keeping things simple. Weddings seem to have gotten out of control these days, my niece is having a "destination" wedding is Vegas next year. It is impossible for me to afford to go and there are hurt feelings. I'm 49 years old back when I got married things were pretty simple and ya know it didn't matter we all had just a wonderful time! Congratultions for being out of debt for a year now!

  9. What a great tip! If and when I get married, it *will* be on a budget. We're rich in love though!



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