Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cute Story About Counting Pennies!

I read the Editor's Query in The Washington Post Magazine this past weekend (July 19, 2009 edition). It was "tell us about a time when counting your pennies led to an interesting result." Here is the answer:

For quite some time, I have accumulated small change during the day and each evening have put the coins into a large plastic bucket that used to contain Pepperidge Farm "goldfish."

Several years ago, my wife and I had reservations for dinner at a local restaurant. Earlier in the day, I was running errands in town, so I thought it was time to head to the bank to exchange the coins in the bucket for some paper cash.

When I handed the bucket to the bank teller, I tried to guess the total that all that change would yield and estimated about $50. The teller took the bucket to a counting machine in a back room, but when she returned, she told me that the coins added up to only $35.89. I put the bills into my wallet and the 89 cents back into the bucket to start another accumulation.

That evening, my wife and I enjoyed a very nice meal at the restaurant. But there was a surprise when the waitress handed me the bill. The total, before tip, was $35.89.

I thought is was just a cute story. I couldn't resist putting it on my blog.

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  1. Janie,
    I saw your post on Kelly's website and thought I would check out your site. I congratulate you for being 29 and debt free before marrying. When I met my husband and we were dating, I was a finance major (haha) and i found a credit card statement that about killed me. He had $3500 in credit card debt and you would have thought the world (as I knew it) was coming to an end. We were in college and I didn't owe a penny to anyone. I had credit cards but I always paid them off monthly. So we devised a plan and paid it off in less than a year. I know he was so happy and that was a pretty big feat working weekends and going to school. Now, I hate to say but I owe a lot, we owe on a home, car, and business, but everymonth we pay down our debt. I hope one day to be debt free, but it is nice to have a 401K plan, IRA retirement, and some money stuck back for the hard times. Anyway, I just want to congratulate you for your great accomplishment!

  2. Thank you so much for leaving a note of congratulations! I worked really hard to get to this goal and I had to make a ton of really difficult decisions along the way. Once again, I really appreciate the time you took to post a comment on my blog! Good luck to you with your debt and your business.

    All the best,



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