Wednesday, July 29, 2009

4 Sites for Brides with Tiny Budgets

Last week, I received a bunch of emails in response to my wedding dress post. You asked, "what websites do I visit for ideas when planning a wedding?" Below is a list of 4 sites that give helpful hints.

4 Sites for Brides with Tiny Budgets:

Do you have any inexpensive wedding ideas? Leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

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P.S. I recommend the book The Conscious Bride for all brides to be. A friend gave it to me as a wedding shower gift and it was the best book. I loved it. Her writing style calmed me down during all the wedding planning and preparation. It is a must read for all brides to be.


  1. Use an ipod instead of a band at your reception.

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  3. Get your flowers at Sams! They have an online fresh flower service and they will ship directly to your home via Fed EX. My florist wanted to charge me $4 per stem for roses, and I ended up ordering from Sam's and they were 75 cents per stem. They have beautiful roses, and the other basic flowers, and they come in pretty basic colors, but they are so inexpensive it's crazy. If you don't mind putting together your own bouquets and centerpieces, they are a great way to go. We spent $300 and literally had flowers EVERYWHERE on our wedding day. It looked like we had spent $3000.

    That's my biggest money saving wedding tip!

  4. Kathleen,

    Thank you so much for leaving such a helpful comment on my blog. On Friday, I will be participating again in Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" and I will show a picture of my wedding flowers. Like you, I used roses but I got mine from a local grocery store and had a friend do the arrangements. I am sure your wedding was beautiful. I just love roses. Again, you left a wonderful comment that was so helpful.


  5. Jennifer,

    Thank you for posting your suggestion on my site. However, I have removed it for the time being because I don't know much about credit consolidation. After I do my research and if it is legitimate then I will repost your comment. It is very important for me to give accurate and honest advice here. So, I want to do a little more reseach about it.

    Personally, I have never used a debt consolidation service so I will need to do a ton of research before I even consider talking about it here on my blog. I truly hope that you understand.

    Thank you very much for your participation and suggestion!



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